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Books for girls, about girls: the publishers trying to balance the bookshelves

Lyrical, witty, and bitingly sharp, A Visit from the Goon Squad will knock you on your seat. Grimes lives in Harlem, the stepson of a Pentecostal storefront church minister. Within the New York cricket scene, he meets Trinidadian Chuck Ramkissoon, an immigrant like himself with a very different set of experiences.

Interspersed with photographs and eloquently written, M Train is a beautiful memoir to behold. Native Speaker Henry Park is no stranger to the feeling of having multiple identities. He is of Korean descent, but he grew up in New York. He is also a spy for the United States, with all of the identities that brings.

31 Must-Read New York City Books

When his next assignment is to spy on a Korean-American politician, he comes face to face with his various identities, and must reconcile them in order to move forward. Washington Square Catherine Sloper is fairly average. Mild, plain-faced, no great intelligence to speak of.

When she receives a marriage proposal, her father is convinced that the man is after her money. Catherine must navigate her world carefully, as the New York societal fetters can be binding.

  1. Build A Bridge: A Fable on Achieving Any Goal in Six Steps.
  2. Children of Apollo.
  3. Art is Fun! (The Conni Gordon YOU CAN Series).
  4. Bag of Lies.
  5. At Sight Of Evil (The Dark Mist Book 2).
  6. Puberty & Growing Up.

Money New York is given a British slant here with unreliable narrator John Self, a London commercial director with the opportunity to make his first movie in America. His twisted narration as he drinks, whores, and schmoozes his way through New York and London both sickens and entertains. Thoughts without Cigarettes Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Oscar Hijuelos, opens his life up to readers in this witty, entertaining memoir. The Beautiful and Damned While you may know Fitzgerald from reading The Great Gatsby in your high school English class or watching the Baz Luhrmann film with Leonardo DiCaprio , this lesser known work of his is just as engrossing, if not more so.

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  • Anthony and Gloria are living the good life as a newly married couple in Manhattan, dining at expensive restaurants, going to private parties, and avoiding all responsibility. As their money dwindles, so does their lavish lifestyle, and the cracks in their relationship and themselves begin to be revealed. It gets harder, however, when Frank is stabbed to death, and a colleague and fellow former member of St.

    All About Puberty (for Kids)

    As he becomes more deeply embroiled in drugs and street crime, we see how his circumstances played a part in the difficult, and at times violent, choices he made, resulting in his arrest and imprisonment. Approaching this memoir with self-acceptance and understanding, Piri Thomas brings hope to a life of hardship.

    The Godfather You may have seen the brilliant film adaptation from Francis Ford Coppola, but have you read the book that started it all? Blood is thicker than water, after all.

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    Girls have breasts for two reasons - feeding babies and looking grown-up and attractive. The criticism of Growing Up for Boys spread to Twitter, and then to Amazon, where the title has received a swath of one-star reviews in the hours since Man Vs Pink highlighted it. Claire Nicholls, a teacher from Bristol who criticised the book on Twitter, said that she approved of the book as a resource for children, and praised its position on breastfeeding.

    "Alphabet Occupations" - ABC Jobs Song for Kids - Learn the alphabet phonics with Jobs & Occupations

    There are girls of 13 with developed breasts. This is ill thought out, regressive and irresponsible language being used in what is intended as an educational book. A spokesperson from Usborne Publishing told the Guardian: