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But it was a chance Twitter response from Juliette Lewis that really brought things together. The pair had noticed that Lewis was an early celeb follower of the feed, along with Ashton Kutcher, which was exciting. But not as exciting as when she responded to a random SGS tweet.

Shit Single Girls Say

Are u even female? Once a cut of the Shit Girls Say video was complete in November, Sheppard approached Lewis to do a cameo and she was into it, shooting her scenes just last week. The energy that Lewis brings in her rapid-fire exchanges with the girl is electric, elevating what could have been a cute online funny to a credibly cute online funny.

Neither he nor Humphrey wanted their humorous and sincere observations of their female friends to be considered mocking, and they wanted the revelation that they were the brains behind the gems of girlie wisdom to seem genuine. Which is why he opted to don the heels and wig for the part. So once we created the video and the character, it seemed all right to reveal that two gay guys were behind it as part of this next step. I think that kind of makes it a little more of an every person. So has this exercise in astutely observing the distinct female dialect made Sheppard and Humphrey more aware of what their female friends say?

Not really, says Sheppard. For the past ten years, graphic and spacial design studio Julia has been producing work for clients from the cultural and commercial sector, including everything from typefaces to books, magazines, exhibitions, posters, websites and identities.

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We caught up with the pair to find out a bit more about how their work has taken shape over this time. For many of us, photographs are a way of locating ourselves in a time and place. Two of our favourite illustrators talk about the things that really mattered to them this year — memes, animation, and more. Since we last spoke to the Seoul-based illustrator Ram Han last year, she has continued to bring her fantastical imagination to life through a new series of works titled Room.

From a global pool of creative talent, we have chosen our Ones To Watch for their ability to consistently produce inspiring and engaging work across a diverse range of disciplines. Each of our selections continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible with their creative output. Ones to Watch is supported by Uniqlo. Over the coming we will be providing an insight into how the Adobe Stock collection can benefit your creative practice.

Why The ‘Shit Girls Say’ Meme Is Sexist, Racist And Should End

Barcelona-based studio, Studio Albert Romagosa was founded in by the designer of the same name. Crisp and clearly executed, the studio has developed a reputation for design precision to accompany striking visuals.

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We founded Hato nine years ago as a close-knit design practice with a global outlook. With offices in London and Hong Kong, our purpose is to connect, enable and engage people and communities to create the world they want to live in, together. Mermaids and ghosts reoccur throughout her personal work whereas her commissioned work invites the viewer into wonderfully atmospheric scenes. She is also the creator of the lovable dessert character Siru, a smiling blob whose sidekick is an equally sweet loaf of bread and together, they incite just the right amount of cuteness.

This interactive map shows how wrong we picture the world

On 17 October, earlier this year, Canada became the second country in the world to legalise marijuana. Second, only to Uruguay, Canada is now the largest country in the world that legally sells the drug in a regulated system.

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Christmas is the most sedentary of the holidays. This, obviously, is a good thing. After all, the occasional brief Boxing Day stroll aside, who wants to do much more than sit solidly on a sofa for what feels like an eternity, living off Maltesers, small bottles of living room temperature beer, and the saccharine sustenance that only Christmas films offer? Yet it turns out that reaching that final expression actually takes a lot of work involving very little colour at all.

So once I start to paint I am no longer thinking about the image, the entire focus becomes about colour. On the last Tuesday of every month this year, we and other creative fanatics headed down to Oval Space in East London to watch four practitioners tell us about themselves and their work.