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Consulate General

Her supporters said the case was the government's revenge for reporting on corruption involving Aliyev and his family members.

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She was released in May A new framework agreement for EU and Azerbaijan ties being discussed would replace the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, which came into force in , and would guide relations in trade and investment as well as economic, legislative, and cultural cooperation. Speaking at a joint news briefing with Tusk after their meeting in Brussels, Aliyev praised what he called "a new chapter in our cooperation.

Ambassador: Azerbaijan wants a solid foundation for EU relationship

Tusk added that, during his talks with Aliyev, he "stressed the importance attached to human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the freedom of expression. We look forward to continuing to work as a partners on these issues," he told reporters. Ahead of Aliyev's visit, 76 human rights organizations signed a joint letter urging EU leaders to use the trip to insist that the president "commits to concrete, lasting human rights reforms in Azerbaijan.

In a February 6 statement , Human Rights Watch said the Azerbaijani government has made "concerted efforts" in recent years to "restrict independent activism, critical journalism, and opposition political activity by imprisoning and harassing many activists, prominent human rights defenders, and journalists.

An initiative of the European Commission, the project would bring natural gas from the Caspian Sea region to Europe through a series of pipelines that would go from Azerbaijan through Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Albania, and Italy, reducing Europe's dependence on Russian-based energy.

New book about Azerbaijan’s ancient history published

In an environment of total government control over national television and radio channels, Radio Azadliq has a firm reputation as the only source of unbiased information and the most professional media outlet in Azerbaijan. Despite a certain economic upturn and numerous prosperous cities, the Azerbaijanis perceived the Arab rule as subjugation. The 9th century saw the formation of autonomous feudal states on Azerbaijani lands. The most stable among them was the state of Shirvanshahs, which survived until Azerbaijan became a part of the Seljuk Empire in the 11th century.

Under the Seljuk rule, the immigration of Oghuz Turkic tribes further strengthened the ancient and already dominant Turkic presence in Azerbaijan. The 13th century marked the renaissance of Azerbaijani science.

Foreign relations of Azerbaijan

Nasiraddin Tusi was the most renowned Azerbaijani scholar of this century. Tusi is regarded as the first mathematician to separate trigonometry from astronomy. He authored noteworthy works on arithmetic and algebra.