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A comprehensive resource of American radio history including over authors and covering over different topics, fully cross-referenced and indexed.

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Murray, and others of the discipline. Each entry also contains references for further study as well as internet source materials. An Introduction and Radio Chronology provide the historical framework for the topics.

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This dictionary will be of interest to students and scholars interested in radio, television, communications, communications history, and electronic media. It will also be of interest to professionals in the field.

As a library source it will be a welcome addition to academic, professional, as well as public library collections. Other entries evoke those who brought these programs to life: Nor are the basic themes, the stock characters and the gimmick, forgotten. The book's introduction defines the soap opera, examines the span of the radio serial, reviews its origins and its demise, and focuses on the character types that made up its denizens.

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The chronology outlines the period and the bibliography offers further reading. Together, these elements make a comprehensive reference work that researchers will find invaluable long into the future. Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts. Jim Cox is one of the best-known writers on American radio, having published no less than seven books on the subject, and he received an outstanding writing award from the largest OTR convention in He is a member of eight vintage radio clubs and regularly attends annual old time radio conventions.

Historical Dictionary of Old Time Radio

The bibliography is probably one of the more complete ones on the topic available Undergraduate students of broadcast media history and American studies; general readers. The bibliography will be especially useful for anyone needing to research this topic in depth and using this volume as a starting point. This volume belongs in the communications reference department of academic libraries.