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Aoki is one bad ass chick. She took care of business like a real trooper.

Killer Doll

Ri Ri was off the damn hook too. Those Killer Dolls were about their business. Nisa Santiago is doing her thang with this series. I loved how if you crossed the Killer Dolls you got handle period point blank.

Now on to the next book. Dec 19, Dee Cherry rated it it was amazing Shelves: The ending definitely has me ready to see what happens next! Feb 21, Belinda rated it it was amazing. Better than the first. Nina Santiago did her thang. They hold their own. Gena and Tisa got theirs. Jealousy is ugly and will get you killed. Aoki is one bad killer. On to book 3. Apr 03, Joi rated it liked it Shelves: I enjoyed this book but it took me a while to read. The ending was a little unbelievable so I don't know if I will pick up the next one.

It was interesting to see how everyone flipped on each other. I kind of want to know how it ends, so I may pick up the last book in the future.

Killer Dolls Part 3 (Killer Dolls, book 3) by Nisa Santiago

Mar 10, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wow Az survived but he changed didn't think he would turn on Aoki. Now that Rises and Gena is gone will RiRi be ok.

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Az better careful because Aoki is coming. Jun 26, L. Aoki continues to be behind the weapon as well as in front. Her saga continues and a surprise ending leads into Part 3.

The 10 Best Scary Doll Movies Of All Time

Looking forward to the release!!! Sep 14, Deedee Henson rated it it was amazing. Kimberly rated it it was amazing Aug 22, Diana rated it it was amazing Apr 20, Sharonda Scott rated it really liked it Aug 06, Desire'e Greene rated it it was amazing Mar 23, CJ Williams rated it it was amazing Jul 26, Jennifer Quinn rated it it was amazing Apr 07, Sam Stewart rated it it was amazing Jan 30, May 10, Chababy added it. Tatyana Owens rated it really liked it Jul 31, Faith Mckenzie rated it it was amazing Jul 23, Felisa rated it really liked it May 21, Krystal Middleton rated it really liked it Jul 16, The Conjuring A surprisingly scary movie based on the real life "paranormal investigators" Ed and Lorraine Warren who try to help a family who buy a majorly haunted house in Rhode Island.

But most people remember the side story about the possessed Annabelle doll.

Top 10 Scary Movie Dolls

Whoever designed this doll was brilliant. It looked damn frightening and was effective in setting the tone of the movie. There was a later spinoff movie about the doll that was disappointing.

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The favorite from the anthology, however, was a film featuring Karen Black as a woman who buys a Zuni fetish doll for her boyfriend only to have it come to life and viciously chase her around her apartment. Scary and silly at the same time but the final image of the episode is genius. During the course of the evening the toys come to life and don't play nice. The stop-motion scenes were the dolls re-animate are pretty wonderful and a beautiful new Blu-ray is now available from Shout!

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  7. Poltergeist "They're Heeere The young boy's clown doll grabbing him from under the bed is every kid's worst nightmare. Black Devil Doll From Hell Director Chester Novell Turner's outrageous movie about a church lady who buys a Rick James-looking dummy from a thrift store only to have it attack her in the middle of the night. This straight-to-video oddity will unhinge your jaw.

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    Child's Play A mother buys her son a popular Chucky Doll -- a red-headed blue-eyed boy doll in overalls that promises he'll "be your friend to the end. This was a more straightforward thriller than the later films, but "Bride Of Chucky" and "Seed Of Chucky" are also a scream. Tales From The Hood A refreshingly fun spin on the omnibus horror film.